Hudson Soft drops Bomberman Land Wii price

Bomberman Land - Image 1Bomberman sure likes his minigames, and with Bomberman Land‘s Wii version having its price tag taken down a few pegs (about US$ 20 worth), now you can, too, without feeling the burn on your wallet. Check out the entire details in the full article.

Bomberman Land - Image 1 

Good news for those of us eager to get to the minigame frenzy of Hudson Soft‘s upcoming title in the Bomberman franchise, Bomberman Land for the Sony PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Wii. Word is that the Wii version of the game just had a considerable chunk of its price tag slashed off. This means that we’ll be able to see Bomberman pop balloons, sort differently-colored bombs from each other and rip it up on a skateboard – for less of the moolah. Awesome.

So, just how much did Bomberman Land for the Wii drop in price? A cool twenty greenbacks’ worth, which is quite a large chunk off the original US$ 49.99 price tag – considering that the game hasn’t even been released yet.

Definitely a good deal for gamers on a budget. Although, if Hudson Soft makes a Bomberman title that’s all about – and I’m being crazy here for a second – blowing up stuff with bombs, then they’d probably need to rack up the price instead of taking it down due to demand. Here’s to everyone’s favorite bomberperson getting back to his roots!

Via Gamestop

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