Patapon Friday update: army management tips explained

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s Patapon for PSP - Image 1It’s another Friday filled with Pata-tips for those budding Almighty deities in training. Today’s Patapon update focuses on army management and the different ways on how to raise the quality of your troops through proper equipment and unit allocation. Check out our full article and read up on how you can make a lean, mean fighting machine out of your one-eyed tribe of warriors.

List of Rarepon units you can obtain in SCEI's Patapon for PSP - Image 1After conquering last week’s trials of getting your ragtag army past the burning desert, here are a couple of extra tips to get your Patapon soldiers into proper fighting form.

While it’s quite important that you get a steady beat going using your godly drums, an army without a good set of gear can still get wiped out when going up against better armed opponents. That’s where we can help you by explaining all about the different armaments and rare Patapon units you can obtain in the game.

You may have already figured this out, but most of your Pata-soldiers’ equipment come from random drops taken off the bodies of dead Zigotons and boss monsters. You may have also noticed that you can replay any of the boss stages indefinitely as well.

So why bother killing those larger than life monsters all over again? Everytime you kill a boss, it raises its level and difficulty, thus improving the quality of its drop with every defeat. You can effectively farm for equipment this way until you get a good set of weapons and armor for your Patapon army.

However, you can also create your own set of Divine weapons at the Kon Kampon’s blacksmith mini-game. For that you’ll need the highest grade of rocks usually dropped by the golem boss monster.

Finally, you can also raise the quality of your troops by planting special materials at Mater, the Tree of Life. Depending on the level of the item used, you can receive special Rarepon units, which are generally stronger than your average Patapon soldier.

If you’re interested in how to create these special Rarepons, you can check out this YouTube video provided by AxelCloud below. Anyway, that’s it for this week’s Patapon update. We hope that we were able to help in your quest to reach Earthend.

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