Sins of a Solar Empire patch 1.04 planned for this week

Sins of a Solar Empire v1.04 coming this week? - Image 1According to a post over on the Sins of a Solar Empire forums, it seems the devs behind the game are planning to release version 1.04 of the game sometime this week. Learn more about it after the jump!

Sins of a Solar Empire 1.04 coming out this week? - Image 1Over on the Sins of a Solar Empire forums, there’s now word that the Stardock and Ironclad Games hope to release patch 1.04 sometime this week.

Writes Stardock representative Frogboy on the Sins forums, “While we’re not making any promises, we plan to have Sins of a Solar Empire v1.04 ready this week.”

For those who haven’t heard much about this patch, it’s actually a game balancing patch based on fan requests, possibly the first of many game balancing patches that’ll come out as a result of players developing new strategies for the game.

Continues Frogboy on his post,

Both Stardock and Ironclad play multiplayer games pretty regularly… and it’s really quite refreshing seeing new strategies being developed over time that we never would have considered. This is one of the reasons why updates such as v1.04 will continue to be needed — as players come up with new, innovative strategies, we will have to continue to update the game to ensure that no single strategy becomes too dominant…

While this bit of news we have is still tentative, it certainly bodes well for the game. Keep checking QJ for more updates on the release of patch 1.04 as we get it.

Via Sins of a Solar Empire Forums

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