Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid DS dated for Europe and PAL regions

Space Invaders Extreme Small - Image 1Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Arkanoid DS and Space Invaders Extreme (PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS) in has finally given out specific details regarding the launch date in Europe and PAL regions. To find out more about this, don’t hesitate to check out the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

Space Invaders Extreme-Arkanoid DS - Image 1 

Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Arkanoid DS and Space Invaders Extreme (PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS) in Europe has announced that both games will be available in Europe and PAL territories on July 4, 2008 this year.

Arkanoid DS is said to offer 140 different levels, a Quest Mode, unlockable backgrounds and ships, 2 and 4 player multiplayer mode, and an online high-score table via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. In addition, the game also introduces new power-ups such as Barriers, Warp, and Vanish.

Space Invaders Extreme on the other hand has some pretty good features that will make old school gamers leap with joy. Both versions of the game are said to have new techno-inspired graphics, a new sound scheme where sound effects are synchronised to the music beat, as well as new power-ups. Here’s a quick look at the handheld specific features the game will have:

Additional Nintendo DS version features

  • Play a friend with Nintendo DS Wireless Play
  • Challenge other players with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • High-Score table supported by Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Share the multiplayer fun from a single cart with DS Download Play

Additional PSP version features

  • Play against another player via ad hoc mode
  • Widescreen 16×9 support
  • Soundtrack provided by critically acclaimed musicians and DJÂ’s including SUGIURUMN, WALL FIVE, DJ Aki, ATOM™ & MASAKI SAKAMOTO and ALTZ

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