Toys R’ Us offers Wii with 10 games for US$ 699.99

Wii with games - Image 1If you didn’t get a Nintendo Wii during the holidays and you’re feeling a bit down because you think it’ll be a while before fresh stock arrives, there’s a deal that just might bring back the holiday cheer in you. It’s a Wii console plus 10 games including Spider-Man: Friend or Foe and Crash of the Titans. Head to the detailed version for more.

Wii - Image 1If you weren’t able to get that coveted Nintendo Wii during the holiday rush because of its scarcity, you’re probably thinking now that supplies might be a bit dry. Not so, according to Toys R’ US. They’re offering a nifty, but a little pricey bundle that you may be interested in.

The package features a full Nintendo Wii game console plus 10 games to keep busy with. Specifically, these are:

All of these will run a cost of US$ 699.99, but hey, if it’ll result in a bright and happy 2008, it isn’t such a big sacrifice. Head on to the source link if you’re interested in the deal.

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