Engine Software announces new WiiWare title, says WiiWare launching March 2008

Engine Software - Image 1 Engine Software has announced that it will be releasing a new downloadable title for Nintendo’s WiiWare service. The Dutch developers have also stated that WiiWare will be launching in March 2008, echoing statements made by former NoA VP of Sales and Marketing Perrin Kaplan. More in the full article.

Wii remote and nunchuk - Image 1Dutch developers Engine Software has announced their upcoming offering for Nintendo’s WiiWare downloadable game service. Engine’s debut title, tentatively dubbed Project Bang!, will be a casual game with an online mode and, presumably, quite a few explosions.

Here’s what Ruud van de Moosdyk, Engine’s VP of Development, had to say about Project Bang!:

We are very excited about our first game for the WiiWare service. When we acquired our official Wii license last year we already had several concepts written up that would be ideal for WiiWare, and Project Bang! is the first to actually go into production. We wanted to get rolling on this exciting new platform early on, and I am quite happy we are now on schedule to do just that.

Engine’s statement also indicated a March 2008 launch for the WiiWare service, which coincides with the launch schedule mentioned last year by former NoA VP of Sales and Marketing Perrin Kaplan. While WiiWare has technically been available since the Wii’s launch, downloadable games have yet to be made available on the service.

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