Algebra/Calculus Assistant v0.1

Sony PSP Logo - Image 1Like the Fibonacci Calculator for the Sony PlayStation Portable, there are some homebrew PSP applications that are out to help students with their studies. One such application, Algebra/Calculus Assistant by homebrew developer andyauff, definitely proves that the PSP is not only for fun but work as well. More details in the full article.

Download: Algebra/Calculus Assistant v0.1
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Algebra - Image 1Who says the Sony PlayStation Portable is all play and no work? If you’re having some problems with Algebra and Calculus, then you’re in luck, since your PSP can help you out with some of your difficult math problems. Homebrew developer andyauff‘s Algebra/Calculus Assistant for the Sony PSP will help you crack the following Calculus and Algebra riddles:

  • Slope of a line in standard form
  • Y-intercept of a line in standard form
  • Determinant of a 2×2 matrix
  • Determinant of a 3×3 matrix
  • Solution of a system of 2 equations with 2 variables each

Sounds useful, yes? You bet it is. Now you don’t have to always turn to your books to help you out with your Algebra solutions; your Sony PSP can now be your unlikely friend in tackling those pesky Math problems. Do check out the program by downloading Algebra/Calculus Assistant version 0.1 from the link below!

Algebra Calculus assisant - Image 1 Algebra Calculus assisant - Image 2

Download: Algebra/Calculus Assistant v0.1
Visit: QJ.Net PSP Development Forums

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