Altec Lansing to sell speakers that “works with iPhone” on February 2008

Altec Lansing to sell speakers that iPhone owners, rejoice! Altec Lansing has just released an announcement that on they will be selling their T612, fully compatible with the iPhone, on February 2008. This gadget is said to prioritize incoming calls when an iPhone is docked in the speaker system.

More details on the T612 and its compatibility features with the iPhone after the jump!

Altec Lansing to sell speakers that Altec Lansing has made an announcement for their T612 speaker system, which is fully compatible with the iPhone and new iPod products. The speakers are even said to complement the iPhone by prioritizing incoming calls.

With the T612, calls will still be prioritized even if an iPhone is playing music while being docked to it. Whenever a call comes, the music pauses to give way for the call. After the call, the music can be resumed by simply docking it again to the speaker system.

Aside from this special feature, the T612 has a wireless remote, neodymium speakers, XdB bass-enhancement technology, Apple’s universal dock for all iPhones and new-generation iPod models, and a standard auxiliary-in jack for older iPod models and other audio devices.

Altec Lansing will be selling the T612 speaker system on February 2008 for US$ 199.95.

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