Analyst says Wii Fit, GTA4 won’t hurt each other

Wii Fit - Image 1Over at the other side of the Atlantic, some game industry observers have expressed concern that the launch of Nintendo’s Wii Fit may offset the sales of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto IV (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3). Analyst Jesse Divnich begs to differ, though. He says there may be a bit of a hit early, but things shouldn’t be as rough as some may think. Details in the full article.

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Over in the UK, some have expressed concern that the close release dates of Nintendo’s Wii Fit and Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 4(Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) may affect their respective sales. This is despite the two games being hosted in different platforms.

Not to worry says EEDAR Analytic Services director Jesse Divnich. The seasoned analyst predicts that there will be some overlap at the onset, but he does not expect any major friction between the two triple-A releases.

“It is funny that the Nintendo Wii has gathered so much steam that we are beginning to ask ourselves if their games will impact the sales of triple-A titles such as Grand Theft Auto,” he comments.

He adds, however, that personally, he thinks both will “co-exist nicely with each other and will do little to disrupt each other’s sales”. He also commented that although both titles are targeting the mass market, consumers are likely to get both titles in coming weeks if they don’t do so immediately.

Wii Fit has already taken Japan by storm, topping sales charts for weeks on end. It’ll give Wii owners the chance to slim down in the UK come April 25th. Grand Theft Auto 4, on the other hand, will launch on April 29th and is expected to rack up serious figures in its initial weeks on shelves.

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