Analysts: 360 in trouble, Wii is a fad, PlayStation has loyal gamers

Analysts: Xbox 360 in trouble, Wii is a fad, PlayStation has loyal fans - Image 1It’s been a while since we’ve heard some strong words said on the subject of the console war. How are the consoles doing, and what’s in store for them this year? Read up on what analysts have to say about the matter, and head over to the full article.

Analysts: Xbox 360 in trouble, Wii is a fad, PlayStation has loyal fans - Image 1In the past few months, we’ve heard several groups from the video game industry give their opinions on the console war. Some of the more outspoken ones, including Electronic Arts and the President of Ready at Dawn studios, have expressed favor towards the PlayStation 3.

Analysts from Lazard Capital Markets and DFC Intelligence had the same sentiments, saying that the PlayStation 3 will soon be on top in the near future.

Now, analysts from the UK, Europe, and North America chime in with their own opinions, which they expressed at the Nordic Game 2008 conference. However, instead of focusing just on how big the PlayStation 3 will be in the future, they were more opinionated on the fate of the Xbox 360 and the Wii.

The analysts from the conference expressed how the Xbox 360 will be in trouble in the coming year. DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole went as far as to say that “The Xbox 360’s going to come in third place when all’s said and done.” Other analysts went on to say that the Xbox 360 is strong in the US, but is declining everywhere else.

On the subject of the Wii, Swedish analyst Martin Lindell remarks that the console is in trouble if it doesn’t produce a steady stream of games that please its consumers. Because its install base is composed mostly of casual gamers, people might tend to shelf the console if the “fad” feeling dies down. One analyst expressed it this way:

You’ve got to remember there’s a difference between buying and playing – the fact that you get your grandma to play the game doesn’t mean she’s going out to buy it. I’m still in that kind of faddish feeling about the Wii.

They also talked about the PlayStation 3 of course. They noted how the console is steadily gaining on the Xbox 360, and how a loyal fanbase is another factor to its success. Nick Parker, analyst for Screen Digest, remarks that many PlayStation gamers of previous generations hold off from buying a next-gen console because they are waiting for the release of anticipated titles on the PlayStation 3.

Strong opinions, yes? Still, nothing is set in stone, and we haven’t heard the fat lady sing yet. We’ll keep you updated on developments in the console war, but for now you can read up on what else the analysts have to say by following the link below.


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