Another game that supports Remote Play: Imabikisou

Imabikisou - Image 1Ah, PS3 and PSP Remote Play. We’d all love to see this unique feature in action, but it’s just a bit sad to note that it’s rarely being used to its full potential as everyone might hope. But it’s good to hear that some games are utilizing this function. Case in point: Sega and Chunsoft‘s Imabikisou, that delightfully horror flick for the PS3.

Imabikisou - Image 1After seeing Lair on the PSP, doesn’t it make you think of what other PS3 games you may play on the PSP through Remote Play? In order to find out, Japanese gaming site Watch Impress checked out other games to see if they can be accessed by a PSP using the Remote Play function.

So far, they found one game, and it’s none other than Sega and Chunsoft‘s sound novel horror title, Imabikisou.

But how? If you upgraded to the latest PSP firmware, your PSP can be booted from a WiFi spot in order to connect with your PS3 and remotely access Imabikisou at your leisure.

Since the sound novel title isn’t too heavy on the graphics (but gorgeous nonetheless), Imabikisou won’t suffer any problems when accessed remotely. We just hope that this awesome title gets to be localized in the Western shores – we all need some horror flicks from time to time.

Via Watch Impress

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