Backbone Entertainment on the development of Death Jr.: Root of Evil for Wii

Death Jr. and Pandora from the Death Jr. series by Backbone Entertainment - Image 1With already three handheld titles listed to its name, the Death Jr. franchise takes a bold new step on to the Wii console with its latest iteration, Death Jr.: Root of Evil. In our full article, you can read all about how the development of the game is coming along. Producer James Stanley explains the different changes they had to adjust to in making the transition from handheld to console and much more.

PSP and Wii graphical comparison of Death Jr.: Root of Evil - Image 1Gamers with a fascination for the macabre already had their first taste of the bite-sized Grim Reaper when Death Jr. was released on PlayStation Portable a couple of years ago. Now the developers from Backbone Entertainment are currently working on an actual console version for Death’s headstrong teenage son in Death Jr.: Root of Evil.

Producer James Stanley recently made his introductory statement regarding the development of the game on their new devblog on IGN. He explained that it took a while before the development of a console version was finalized, considering the many handheld releases the series has already gotten.

However, taking a look at the image on the side, it seems like work on the Wii version was moving along quite smoothly. The differences in improving the shaders and graphics were also quite improved compared to the PSP version.

Stanley argued that the Wii is “THE console of choice for platform shooters and this time around, we hope other developers will take notice of our control scheme”. They were also able to re-render all the cinematics in hi-res 853×480, so fans of the series will literally get an eyeful in the upcoming console version of the game.

On a final note, he mentioned that the next update on Death Jr.: Root of Evil will involve the game’s Creative Director, as well as a talk from one of the original creators of the Death Jr. IP on the history of the franchise. Keep checking back on us for the said update and more news on Death Jr.: Root of Evil.

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