BioShock’s full Trophy list revealed

BioShock logo - Image 1 We’ve made ourselves familiar with the Trophy System of BioShock PS3, however that doesn’t have to stop there. We’ve seen finally the full list of the available Trophies you can win, and there are more details at the full article.

Trophy - Image 1 We’ve shown you how 2K GamesBioShock PS3 Trophies will work. Remember the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies? Well now it’s time for us to learn exactly where we can get these Trophies.

There a 54 Trophies in total to be earned in BioShock, so we’ve learned, and it is divided into two categories. the first one is for the Completed Trophies, and the other one is the Secret Trophies. The Completed Trophies have 42 under its belt, while the Secret Trophies only have twelve.

Looking at the list, it looks like there’s a whole lot of Bronze Trophies to be earned, while there’s only but a couple of Silver Trophies to be handed out. Heck, there’s even more Gold Trophies, in fact, although that’s just for a few several Trophies. Oh, and if you collect all other BioShock Trophies, then you win the Trophies of all Trophies: the Platinum Trophy.

That’s already a whole lot of Trophies for this one post, so we’ll just lead you to the source link where you can check out the full list of the BioShock… erm… Trophies.

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