Blizzard acquires

Diablo 3 - Image 1It was recently revealed that Blizzard has picked up the Diablo 3 domain name. Does this mean what everyone thinks it does? Head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below to find out more.

Diablo 3 - Image 1Remember when Blizzard surprised the gaming community with StarCraft 2? Well, we at QJ.NET have learned our lesson and have been keeping tabs on all of Blizzard’s movements to the best of our ability. The latest news is that Blizzard has acquired the domain.

This news was announced by the former webmaster of He said that Blizzard was going to be taking over and that they are “being really cool about it.” It makes one wonder how much cash Blizzard coughed up to get the domain name.

Were going to go out on a limb by saying that perhaps the company is gearing up for Diablo 3. Although knowing Blizzard, we might not see the game for another two years or so. Still, we’re hoping that they’ve been developing the game under wraps and will pull another StarCraft 2 on us.


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