Bruce Everiss: Sega one of the juiciest companies to take over

Sega logo - Image 1Sega just suffered a big loss, which forced the gaming company to sever 400 employees and implement pay cuts, leaving them open to an acquisition by another gaming company. However, despite the rather unappetizing numbers, Sega is still one of the “juiciest” companies to take over, according to Codemasters‘ Bruce Everiss. Read the full article to find out why.

Sonic Sega mascot - Image 1Sega Sammy just recently suffered quite a loss, which led to the downsizing of about 400 employees among other cost-cutting initiatives. But Sega’s loss may prove to be another gaming company’s gain.

According to an article written by Bruce Everiss, who was Head of Corporate Affairs for Codemasters, Sega may be a very juicy company to takeover despite its losses, since it owns a chockfull of tasty IPS, such as Sonic and Shenmue.

Sega has recently been going down in terms of losses, posting a loss worth JPY 15.7 billion (about US$ 210 million) for the later half of 2007, and just announced a loss worth JPY 26 billion (or US$ 242.1 million) for the current year. These numbers are reflected by the aforementioned layoffs, as well as cutting the pays and bonuses of managerial staff.

According to Everiss, Sega will be “a license to print money” for the company that manages to acquire the gaming outfit because of the free rein over the quality gaming IP, that includes Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia, and Football Manager.

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