Burnout Paradise getting new FreeBurn modes in Cagney Update – Stunt Run, Road Rage, Marked Man

Burnout Paradise - Image 1Here’s something that you definitely don’t want to miss out on, especially if you’re a fan of Criterion GamesBurnout Paradise (PS3, Xbox 360): the developers just added three new FreeBurn gameplay modes to add pure mayhem to the already awesome game that is Burnout Paradise. Gang wars and killer tag on wheels? We’re sold. Go hit the full article if you like hard-hitting action.

Burnout Paradise Criterion Games - Image 1Criterion Gameschart-topping Burnout Paradise (Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360) is going to have three new FreeBurn gameplay modes in store for its fans, as part of the upcoming Cagney (or version 1.3) Update: Online Stunt Run, Online Road Rage, and Online Marked Man.

The first two modes – Stunt Run and Road Rage, can each accommodate up to eight players at a time. Online Stunt Run is pretty much a game of “get the most combos and points,” but with some brutal mayhem tacked on to it.

Participants can grab score multipliers once they take out any of their opponents, but if you’re taken down, you’re going to lose your precious combo score. But here’s the fun part: even if you’re eliminated and greyed out from the scoring area in Stunt Run, you can still troll and take revenge from the remaining players by chasing after them.

The second new gameplay mode, Online Road Rage, can be considered as frat wars on wheels. The players are divided into two teams, with one team – called the “runners” – tasked to drive to the checkpoint and the finish line, while the second team is tasked to take down the runners, either by ambushing them or by chasing them.

The two new modes above sound amazing, but here’s something even better (and more chaotic). In Marked Man, the system randomly chooses a player to become the “Marked Man,” the player everybody else is supposed to take down.

Once the Marked Man is chosen, other players will have 90 seconds to mow the poor car down. Points are gained for every Marked Man successfully bumped off. If the 90 seconds elapse and Marked Man is still alive, the system will automatically select another fall guy at random.

Sounds pretty sweet, eh? We can’t wait either, so better stay tuned for more Burnout Paradise-related news!

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