CES 2008: Nyko’s Front Man guitar compatible with Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3

Nyko's Front Man, revealed - Image 1In March, Nyko will be releasing a special guitar accessory for the PS3 that intends to bring Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock players together in peace and heavy metal harmony.

The guitar controller, known as the Front Man, is apparently compatible with both games, all through the flick of a simple switch. More on the Front Man after the jump!

Nyko's Front Man solves your guitar-playing problems - Image 1Hark the heralds, folks! We’ve just received some news that could lessen animosity flowing between the Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock camps.

Third-party peripheral maker Nyko‘s given word that it has come up with a guitar controller that works with both games. Dubbed the Front Man, it’s a guitar controller that is compatible with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3.

The guitar controller has a dongle with a switch that can be flipped when you want to play either game. It’ll be available sometime in March, though Nyko hasn’t released the price for it yet.

In the meantime, the company has revealed a short features list for the guitar. Feel free to check it out and see if it suits your guitar-playing fancy.


  • Compatible with Guitar Hero III and Rock Band
  • Up to 80 hours of continuous play time from three AA batteries
  • Wireless technology for cordless gaming up to 25 ft. away
  • Built-in tilt sensor & responsive whammy bar
  • Bi-directional strum bar
  • Responsive and durable fret buttons
  • Interchangeable pick guard for custom look
  • Unique directional pad design for convenient menu navigation
  • Effects switch for Rock Band play

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