Champions Online villain spotlight: Menton

The word villain says it all about Menton in Champions Online - Image 1Sometimes being immensely talented can work against you, especially when your talent captures the attention of Doctor Destroyer.

In Champions Online, Cryptic Studios details the background story of the most powerful psionic villain on the planet: Menton. More on this cerebral super villain in the full article, right after the jump.

Forget the French commune – think of an evil version of Professor Charles Xavier, and you’ve got the idea of what Menton (aka Alejandro Medina) is like.

Simply put, Menton is the most powerful psionic on the planet in Cryptic StudiosChampions Online (PC, Xbox 360), and he’s not afraid to show it, either. According to Champions Online lore, Doctor Destroyer knew of Menton’s psionic powers when the latter was merely a child.

The Doctor then took Alejandro and sister Isabella as slaves and guinea pigs, eventually turning the siblings into formidable villains.

Menton exercising his psionic abilities in Champions Online - Image 1

Menton, however, wasn’t content to remain a mere slave. Once he sensed the opportunity to defect, he did so. Though Menton attempted to conquer the world on several occasions, he was foiled time and time again by the Champions.

They managed to lock him away in the Stronghold super prison, but with a mind as powerful as his is, who knows when he’ll be back to bedevil the Champions anew? If you’ve found this villain spotlight interesting, stay tuned for more updates on Champions Online lore from Cryptic Studios!

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