China comes out with Vii 2 console – a Wii clone console

China-made Wii console clone - the Vii - Image 1If you’ve seen the magazine scans from our previous article, you shouldn’t be too surprise if we told you that Chinese manufacturers have decided to step up their Wii console clone and has released the Vii 2 line.

If you don’t believe us then you can take a look at the video of the new console in action after the jump!

You’ve got to hand it to those manufacturers in China. Asides from handling a lot of outsourcing projects for big companies in the U.S., they still have time to create their own consoles playing on the strengths of the more popular consoles out there. In particular, the China-made Vii console has put itself forward with a second line of Wii cloned consoles.

From the look right down to the whole family appeal of the Wii console, the Vii 2 pretty much mimics all of the Wii’s finer points. Aside from the fact that components are cheaper in the country, copyright issues aren’t that closely enforced thus making the “cloning” of the Wii such an easy endeavor.

Considering that Nintendo hasn’t really taken a lot of legal action to stop the production of the previous line of the console, perhaps the phrase “imitation is the highest form of flattery” does apply to this particular situation for once.

In any case, you can enjoy the video created by Alphatrainer on this China-made Wii clone below.

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