City of Heroes Issue 12: Optional Additional Character Slot feature and more

NCsoft's City of Heroes MMORPG - Image 1Superheroes of all shapes and sizes will get more than their fair share of goodies in the upcoming Issue 12 expansion of NCsoft‘s City of Heroes. Among the new features included will be the much awaited Optional Additional Character Slot, which will give players the chance to expand their team of super powered characters. For more details on the new features, check out our full article.

NCsoft's City of Heroes MMORPG - Image 1

Players who’ve been clamoring for additional character slots in NCsoft‘s City of Heroes will finally get their wish. Issue 12: Midnight Hour will see the insertion of the Optional Additional Character Slot feature for the game as well as several other features.

Issue 12: Midnight Hour will include several other options such as Powerset Proliferation, as well as the addition of the Villain Epic Archetypes. Other features to make it in the upcoming expansion include:

  • All current subscribers will receive 2 free character slots, each of which can be used on the specific server of their choice. This is to help you make new characters to take advantage of the new features of Issue 12, even if you already have maxed out your “home” serverÂ’s character slots.
  • 1 free character slot will be granted retroactively on a yearly basis through the current Veteran Reward system. Every 12 months that a subscription is maintained will unlock an additional free character slot that the user can apply to the server of their choice. Thus, existing players will be eligible for up to 4 additional character slots at the launch of Issue 12. This will continue into the future for Veteran Rewards given out every 12 months, so you get another slot for 5 years, another one for 6 years, etc.
  • Additional Optional Character Slots will be available on a purchasable basis. These are one-time fees, not an addition to your monthly subscription rate. The additional slots can be had at the following price points:
    • 1 Optional Character Slot for a one-time fee of $5.99
    • 2 Optional Character Slots for a one-time fee of $9.99
    • 5 Optional Character Slots for a one-time fee of $19.99
  • Players can have up to 36 slots per server, with an update to the character selection screen that lets you re-organize your character list by Drag and Drop, as well as easily flip between up to three pages of characters available on that server. All customers benefit from these great new User Interface features included with the revisions for Optional Character Slots.

City of Heroes’ Issue 12: Midnight Hour is currently in its closed beta test phase. NCsoft announced that the open beta should go live in the next few weeks, so gamers can expect even more updates for the game to arrive once it happens.

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