Crysis Warhead to be all yours for 30 bucks

Crysis Warhead to be all yours for 30 bucks - Image 1This is what our radars have pinged upon gazing at Amazon and GameStops game lists. According to these online game retail hot spots, Crytek‘s addition to Crysis‘ plot progression (though it’s like filling in the gaps, really) can be had at no more than three copies of Spore Creature Creator. Or one Bling Gnome pack of Dungeon Runners and a Spore Creature Creator retail edish. In short, shell 30 bucks, and Crysis Warhead is yours. Just a few more bits follow at the full story.

Crysis Warhead to be all yours for 30 bucks - Image 1 

Though we haven’t heard of any plans for a Collector’s Edition, Crysis Warhead is gearing up to become a big bang for the buck come September. GameStop and Amazon says the game will be available for US$ 29.99, and if Crytek has done well this time, you get a more efficient CryEngine 2 with hopefully a better gameplay experience for just 30 dollars.

Throw in a whole segment with Ms. CIA agent in the deal, and we’re sold. Completely.

What do we have here? CIA? Well, whoop-dee-doo! - Image 1 

Details from Amazon also pinpoint the advancements on AI that Crytek was boasting about. Apparently, you may be less lonely while playing through Psycho’s chapter in the Lingshan islands.

Ally squad support has been announced, though we can’t say if this is just AI adapting to your actions or there will be some sort of tactical command interface integrated in there somewhere.

Crysis Warhead will also add a new multiplayer mode to the Crysis verse, which will see the return of some maps as well as seven totally new ones for the Crysis Wars mode. And no, we have little information as to whether Crysis Warhead has dumped the GameSpy multiplayer code for something more flexible. As promised, however, it’s a stand-alone game so anyone who hasn’t grabbed Crysis won’t need it at all to play this game.

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