Dead Space devs talk about story’s importance

EA logo - Image 1Are game story lines the equivalent of the “pizza boy meets bored housewife” routine in old-school adult entertainment? EA Redwood Shores doesn’t think so, and they want to change that notion by building off a rich back story to create an immersive experience in Dead Space (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC). Watch the video in the full article and know exactly what they mean.

Some people believe that storytelling in video games is secondary in terms of priority compared to the gameplay aspect. Much like doing the melody of a song before writing its lyrics, there’s nothing wrong with this process. EA Redwood Shores, however, agrees to disagree with it. Especially in the case of Dead Space.

The devs say that they want to take the path less taken and they’ve constructed a rich back story for their upcoming game Dead Space (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC) before doing the gameplay. This promising sci-fi survival horror game features some well-thought out plot lines along with what looks like good visuals and a foreboding theme.

In the video below, you’ll learn more about the concepts behind Dead Space as the creators themselves walk you through the overview. It looks like their alternative plan to game creation is going along nicely, and you can be the judge of that when you push play. Enjoy!



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