DS Visual Novel Reader v1.3.3

DS Visual Novel Reader v1.3.3 - Image 1Can’t wait to try out your translated copy of Tsukihime? We’re letting the readers know that Jake has recently released the latest build of his Visual Novel Reader for the Nintendo DS. There’s quite a lot of changes for this release, so you may want to read about them over in the full article.

Download: DS Visual Novel Reader v1.3.3

DS Visual Novel Reader v1.3.3 - Image 1We’ve got good news coming on for the gamers who’ve been keeping tabs on Jake’s DS Visual Novel Reader. The coder has recently announced the release of this homebrew’s version 1.3.3, which will bring some much-needed improvements to the app. Here’s a brief look at the changelog for the Visual Novel Reader’s previous releases:

  • 1.3.3 25/05/08:
  • Jake:
    • fixed problem with time not changing
    • .sav keeps track of game state to make loading faster
    • does nothing when attempting to load an empty save
    • loads script in 4k blocks
    • left/right moves to first/last option in select screen/choices
  • 1.3.2 23/05/08:
  • anoNL:
    • bugfix: ArchiveFileHandle.Read() didn’t work as expected (didn’t update the read pointer afterwards)
    • bugfix: removed file io from interrupt handler
    • bugfix: texture streaming bug in the save/load menu
    • rewrote text cache to use freetype’s built-in caching system
    • added option to interrupt delay commands by pressing A, B or the touchscreen
    • skip scene functionality, hold R and press Y to skip ahead to the next scene/choice
    • added support for AAC format (for sound effects only)

The rest of the changelog and other important details are available in the file bundle’s readme – we advise the readers go through that before doing anything else with this homebrew. Enjoy the download, and be sure to visit us again in case we receive word of any further updates.

Download: DS Visual Novel Reader v1.3.3

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