Fallout 3: now at 500 different endings, more details

Fallout 3 video game: new details from Game Informer June issue - Image 1New info is out for Fallout 3 courtesy of Game Informer. Remember how we last heard that there are 200 different endings? Well now it’s 500. Sweet, eh. Good luck to completists who want to see each one. More in the full article.

Fallout 3 video game: new details from Game Informer June issue - Image 1 

Months ago, we heard that Fallout 3 will have 12 different endings. Back in March, this number shot up to 200. Now, new details on from Game Informer reveals that this number shot up again: now there are 500 different variations to the ending cutscene.

Good luck to completists out there who’ll want to watch each one. Here are the rest of the info for Fallout 3 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC) as revealed on Game Informer:

  • They’ll handle the ending as a dynamic cutscene that changes depending on specific decisions you make. Right now there are over 500 variations of the cutscene.
  • You can talk to Dogmeat although he only barks and wags his tail. But they say you always tell if he agrees or disagrees with you.
  • There are no guilds like in Oblivion. You just go around doing different quests for various groups.
  • The world is entirely open from the start although certain areas can be difficult at the start.
  • There will be licensed music from the 40’s and 50’s. Songs and artists include Ink Spots”I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire”, Bob Crosby’s “Way Back Home”, and Roy Brown’s “Butcher Pete”.
  • There are no vehicles.
  • The game has gotten bigger since the initial announcement. They’ve had to remove some features but they say they weren’t anything they’d officially announced.
  • GI asked if there will be downloadable dog armor and they say that they’ve been making that joke around the studio. They say they doubt it’ll be in there and that they really aren’t even thinking of any downloadable content until the game is complete.

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