Fils-Aime: Nintendo won’t stop stepping up Wii production

Nintendo logo - Image 1Now that Nintendo is planning to adopt a rain check system to ensure avid gamers can get a Wii console, what else is the console hardware developer planning to do? Step up the Wii production, of course, and not stopping til there are more stocks. Details in the full article!

Reggie Fils-Aime - Image 1Nintendo of America has already taken steps to address the issue of shortage and the supposed damage it’s causing them by the lost sales, including the rain check system to help make the search of the Wii easier. However, Nintendo also wants to assure their customers that they will not stop from stepping up console production. According to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime:

I can tell you that we expect no slow down after the first of the year…We want to say that if you could possibly hold out just a little bit longer there will be more and more product available in January – we are not slowing down.

Fils-Aime also continued that vast majority of the gaming demographic are the active or core gamers, and not the casual gamers as it is widely believed. “They’re the ones willing to wait in line outside of retailers before dawn, so we’re only seeing a small tip of the iceberg in terms of actually selling to those expanded players,” he said.

Via Game Daily

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