First Just Cause 2 details, compared to GTA

Rico Rodriguez in Just Cause - Image 1Planning to start a revolution? Want to bring down a power-hungry regime? Who you gonna call? Rico Rodriguez, that’s who, and he’s back for more action in the sequel to Eidos’ rollicking tropical island romp, Just Cause. Check out a few details about Just Cause 2 in the full article.

Just Cause - Image 1Rico Rodriguez is back, and he’s looking for another revolution. That’s pretty much the setup for Just Cause 2, the sequel to 2006’s Just Cause from Eidos. The game is currently being developed by Avalanche Studios.

PSW magazine scored dibs on the official unveiling of the sequel, and it looks like fans of the original will find more of the same brand of fast and frantic action that the original brought to the table.

According to PSW, the island in question this time is the island of Panau, a tropical paradise in South East Asia ruled over by the ruthless dictator Baby Panay. Rico has to go infiltrate the island, raise a little hell, and return with his former CO who has fallen in love with Panay.

What’s surprising about Just Cause 2 is that according to lead designer Peter Johansson, side missions will not be appearing in the sequel at all. Said Johansson:

Freedom is something of a myth – again GTA we’re looking at you. In Just Cause 2 freedom should be more of a reality. The side-missions are out. You’ll begin the game with nothing but your Cuban heels and a winning smile.

It will be pretty interesting to find out how Eidos is planning to accomplish that. Just Cause 2 has already been confirmed for a PlayStation 3 outing and is expected to also appear on the Xbox 360 and PC, two of the platforms that the original was released on.

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