Ford Racing Off Road for the PSP, Wii, PC, PS2

Empire Interactive's Ford Racing Off Road - Image 1Ford Racing Off Road. The title says it all really. Ford Racing Off Road is the latest installment to the Ford video game franchise from Empire Interactive. Read more in the full article.

Ford Racing Off Road - Image 1 

If a title like Ford Racing Off Road fails to describe what the game’s all about, perhaps two other words will suffice: “dirty cars.” Ford Racing Off Road lets you take the toughest Ford cars out for a drive in the harsh outdoors.

The game is the latest game from the Ford video game franchise and will be released for the PS2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii and PC. The game will also feature cars from the Land Rover brand to add to the lineup.

The game will be featuring the toughest off road vehicles including trucks, 4x4s, and SUVs. Being in the outdoors, the racing track will also have a number of alternative routes to allow more freedom and opportunities to get down and dirty.

The PC, PSP and PS2 versions are expected to be released this March 21, while the Wii version will follow soon after.

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