Gears of War Redux: multiplayer maps, GoW 2 preview, more

Gears of War Redux: mulitplayer maps, GoW 2 preview, more - Image 1GameStop is making good on its promise of releasing a Gears of War Redux. The newly packaged game will include lots of bonuses, including a preview of Gears of War 2. Details about the repackage after the “read more” link.

Gears of War Redux: mulitplayer maps, GoW 2 preview, more - Image 1Last month, GameStop had a placement in their site for a redux of Epic GamesGears of War. Back then the placement only described that the product is “Gears of War with maps.” Not much to deserve a repackaging, yes?

Well that’s because there’s a lot more to it. GameStop has finally revealed the product in its entirety. Evidently, the Gears of War redux will have lots of extra content aside from extra multiplayer map packs.

The re-packaging will not only contain extra themes and trailers, but it will also have bonus content that previews Gears of War 2. Here’s a run down of the bonuses according to GameStop:

Gears of War Content

  • Gamer Picture Pack
  • Emergence Day Gamer Picture
  • Emergence Day Theme
  • Emergence Day Message from Cliffy B
  • Gears of War Map Pack 1 Trailer
  • Gears of War – Multiplayer Map Pack 1
  • ‘Hidden Fronts’ Multiplayer Map Pack 2

Gears of War 2 Content

  • Gamer Picture Pack
  • Teeth Theme
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Trailer
  • Assault Game Play Trailer

Gears of War Redux is available for US$ 39.99. To get yourself a copy, follow the link below.

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