Gran Turismo Mobile canned?

Gran Turismo Mobile - Image 1Bit of bad news for those of us expecting some Gran Turismo joy on our Sony PlayStation Portables – it seems the series may not be making its way to the handheld track anytime soon, with signs pointing to Gran Turismo Mobile‘s cancellation. Check out the details in the full article.

Gran Turismo Mobile - Image 1 

Here’s some bad news for those of us who want to take the next-gen driving experience of Gran Turismo on the go: it seems that Gran Turismo Mobile, Polyphony Digital‘s offering to the Sony PlayStation Portable, may be facing cancellation. Ouch.

Say it isn’t so, Sony! Unfortunately, it seems that despite the update we received from series creator Kazunori Yamauchi himself, the portable title itself may be getting a whack from the vaporware stick – as GameStop has just announced that all pre-orders of the game has been cancelled. Why? Because the game has been cancelled. Or so they say.

There’s no official word out yet from Sony or Polyphony Digital, so we’re filing this under rumors for now. Until we do get wind of that fateful announcement, however, let’s hope that Sony hasn’t gone and killed what could be one of the PSP’s hottest titles ever.

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