graphDS v0.8 – now with slope field and Euler’s method

graphDS morganDS - Image 1Thanks to the homebrew community, the DS is now a good learning aid with various educational ‘brewed apps, including MorganDS‘s graphDS (previous coverage here). This program turns the DS into a graphing calculator that is crammed with several functions, including the newly-added slope field and Euler’s method. The changelog in the full article!

Download: graphDS v0.8

GraphDS MorganDS - Image 1It’s been a while since we last covered Morgan Robertson’s (also known as MorganDS) graphDS, and a lot has changed since then. The latest release of GraphDS, now on version 0.8, adds a couple of new graphing modes: slope field and Euler’s method. The application also runs a bit faster now, by at least 2.5 times.

If you’re interested about the new functions that was added to graphDS since our last coverage, check out the changelog below (which includes changes and additions from previous releases):

  • v0.8
    • Made slopefield and Euler’s method graphing modes accessible to user. Added a simple CAS. Increased calculation and graphing speed by about 2.5x. Made function nIntegrate faster and more accurate. Added functions: euler, monteCarlo, simpson, trapezoid.
  • v0.7
    • Added tracing for Cartesian, parametric, and polar functions (including cursor movement controlled by D-Pad and input for a specific variable value). Increased speed of polar graphing by about 2x. Catalog now continues to scroll when Up or Down is held.
  • v0.6
    • Added cursor to homescreen. Added functions: ceiling, floor, median, sum. Added some syntax checking on homescreen. Made some catalog functions available for graphing. Changed the font.
  • v0.5
    • Added catalog. Added functions: abs, acs, asn, atn, mean, nDeriv, nIntegrate, rand.
  • v0.4
    • Added editor for window & graphing parameters. Added slopefield and Euler’s method (currently inaccessible to the user). Fixed bugs in graph input. Changed graphscreen keyboard. Added compatibility with log and ln functions.
  • v0.3
    • Added parametric and polar graphing.
  • v0.2
    • Added simultaneous graphing of up to four Cartesian functions. Combined function screen with graphscreen. Added cursor to improve function input.
  • v0.1
    • Added an easier-to-use keyboard on the touchscreen and graphing for one Cartesian function.
  • v0.02
    • Added compatibility with Riemann sums.

You try out graphDS by yourself – the download link is below just as always – and make sure you go over the readme .html document before you use the program. Enjoy!

Download: graphDS v0.8

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