Guitarfun 2.7b for Wii – in WAD, ready to play

Guitar Fun 2.7b - Image 1A totally different take of open-developed Frets on Fire is Guitarfun, a multi-platform rendering of the music rhythm game Guitar Hero. While available for Windows and the PlayStation 2 (version 2.7), Guitarfun version 2.7b is ever so Wii-friendly and even comes with its own Wii menu channel. Get more details at the full story.

Download: Guitarfun 2.7b

Guitar Fun 2.7b - Image 1 

Thanks to the efforts of team CBT, rhythm gaming can now be made possible via the Nintendo Wii homebrew channel. Sure, you’ve got Rock Band and Guitar Hero (and even Rock Revolution) – but if you were looking to add custom songs that suited your taste, you’d need to wait for the companies to offer it as Downloadable Content“>downloadable content.

With Guitarfun v2.7b, that just isn’t necessary anymore on the Nintendo Wii.

One particularly great thing about Guitarfun is how it was developed. Owing a lot to the influence of Frets on Fire, the Wii port of Guitarfun has been made compatible with most Frets on Fire songs – if simply not all of them. And Guitarfun comes with it’s own channel that can be installed right within the Wii menu – assuming everything goes right with the installation.

Because unfortunately, that part is a bit tricky. If you don’t have a WAD installer on hand (needed for easier installation and for the channel), you’ll have to make enough room inside your trusty SD card for the songs and the software.

After downloading and extracting the archive provided below, you must manually transfer the folder “guitarfun” (it’s inside the next archive after your extract the first one) to the root of your SD card.

Now before you go executing the program, you’ll have to move every song you’ve downloaded into their respective directories inside the “songs” folder. Even if they aren’t in a folder, they’ll be read, but wouldn’t it be great to organize them? More updates as we get them. Enjoy, folks!

Download: Guitarfun 2.7b

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