Gyration shoots down Newton, Darwin contends as 360 Wiimote clone

Motion-sensing device from Motus - Image 1Recent development concerning Microsoft‘s rumored motion-sensing controller have led many to believe that “Newton” is in the works by Gyration, the same company behind Nintendo’s Wii Remote. However, rival group Motus has surfaced to mix things up a bit. Learn all about it at the full article.

Darwin by Motus - Image 1 

Following the rumors of Microsoft working on a motion-sensing controller to challenge the Nintendo Wii, Gyration which allegedly works hand-in-hand with the Xbox 360 platform holder has denied any involvement with the console.

“There’s absolutely no truth to the rumors, and I have no idea where they’re coming from,” said PR representative Zac Rivera from Gyration’s mother company Movea. He revealed Gyration is cooking up game-related projects, but not for the Xbox 360. Do note that the group in question is responsible for developing the Wii Remote.

However, it’s still very possible to see Microsoft unveil a Wiimote-like controller in the near future. A company called Motus, known to have previously worked with MS by offering the iClub technology to power a golf game which recognizes motion, made it apparent that a product codenamed Darwin and defined as “the evolution of the Wii” is in the works.

“Darwin will work on console as well as PC,” Motus’ chairman Satayan Mahajan told Kotaku. “There are publishers in studios using it right now, but we have not announced our relationships,” he added.

Mahajan did not deny existing relationships with Microsoft. When asked if it’s still working with the creator of Xbox 360, Motus’ head honcho replied, “I couldn’t tell you that. I would love to tell you that, but I can’t.”

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