Hellgate: London multiplayer patch 1.3b released

Hellgate: London - Image 1The developers from Flagship Studios have rolled out Patch 1.3b for Hellgate: London. This addresses a few issues in the game and improves the in-game mail performance. To find out more, head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

Hellgate: London - Image 1North American and European gamers who picked up Flagship StudiosHellgate: London have been enjoying Patch 1.3 since April 25. Those who plan on updating their version of the game should know that this is an in-game update requires the Stonehenge Chronicles to work.

The developers have rolled out a new update which addresses a few of the issues in the game and improves the in-game mail performance. Before downloading it, here’s a quick look at all the changes the developers were able to squeeze into this update:


  • In-game mail has been updated for speedier service.
  • The donation reward armor bonus (Ares‘ Bane) now applies bonuses to shields.
  • The donation announcement now displays the percentage needed to complete the war drive when a donation is made. Donations of 100,000 Palladium or more also announce the name of the character who made the donation.
  • Subscribers on the Sydonai (EU) server now get full subscriber benefits on the Test Center server.


  • Engineers now have a 12-second shared cooldown time on the Smackdown, Shock and Awe, and Napalm Strike calldown skills.


  • Fixed equipped weapon mods being lost in Shared Stash.
  • Fixed a bug where you could see other characters’ attributes under certain conditions.
  • Fixed non-subscribers (who were once subscribers) being able to party portal to a subscriber only area.
  • The donation announcement now says “Palladium” instead of “gold”.
  • Russian clients should no longer crash on certain donation announcements.
  • Sammy, a side quest NPC in St. Paul’s Station, is no longer subscriber-only.
  • Fixed the /wave emote.
  • Fixed items sometimes getting lost when sent via email.

Via Hellgate: London Official Site

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