High Velocity Bowling release window announced, new trailer revealed

High Velocity Bowling by Sony - Image 1Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) San Diego’s High Velocity Bowling will finally see the light of day next week, according to Sony Senior Producer P.J. Snavely on the PlayStation Blog. The game offers bowling with SIXAXIS controls and lanes with obstacles that provide for varied challenges. For more details and the latest trailer of High Velocity Bowling, head over to the full article.

When a bowling lane suddenly becomes an obstacle course, you just know something special is going on. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) San Diego’s High Velocity Bowling puts a spin on bowling that should strike your interest. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the game is in the final stages of approval and should be available from the PlayStation Network next week.

High Velocity Bowling has old men doing splits, ramps on bowling lanes, and very solid physics. We can’t tell yet how it’ll fare against the Nintendo Wii’s Wii Sports bowling, but HVB sure looks worth a few hours of fun. SCEA Senior Producer P.J. Snavely added a new video and screenshots on the PlayStation Blog, so you might want check them out.

Snavely promised unlockable characters, three challenges in each level, trick shots, tournament mode, and other quirks that make the budget title deserving of its price tag. You can also set the mood with your preferred music, since the game can play songs in stock while you prepare for that perfect shot.

High Velocity Bowling should get a solid release date soon, but for now, enjoy the trailer below.


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