High Voltage Software reveals details on WiiWare game Gyrostarr, trailer

High Voltage Software reveals details on WiiWare game Gyrostarr, trailer - Image 1High Voltage Software has just joined the WiiWare bandwagon by shedding light on the details of upcoming WiiWare title Gyrostarr. Aside from divulging juicy information on the game, they were able to provide a trailer of the game as well. To know more about this upcoming WiiWare title, head on over to the full article.

High Voltage Software will be releasing its first ever WiiWare title in the form of Gyrostarr. It’s a sci-fi shooter game that enables up to four players.

The game’s 3D software engine dynamically generates a space track that you have to go through – about 50 levels of space tracks all in all. Players can acquire an assortment of weapons and power-ups to help blast away nasty aliens.

A few of the weapons in the game are the the triple-shot, the tesla-shot, lighting-short, and charged shot. Aside from this offensive offerings, defensive bonuses can be received as well, like the indestructible shield and a power-up that slows down enemies for awhile.

Aside from these nifty gadgets, the players’ ships comes with a grapple gun. It enables players to grab and pick up items that are ahead of them. The grapple gives players a quicker way to power up their ships.

If you think the game’s already exciting, you have to read what the developers said. According to High Voltage Software, players must be able to gather energy while flying “through a twisting, turning techno-plasma canal in space, collecting energy to penetrate an alien portal and warp to the next conduit.”

If you guys fail to gather them, you ships will smash into the anti-void area. Well, we’ll be cutting the chit-chat short since there’s still a video that we want you guys to enjoy. You know the drill. Simply press the play button to get the ball rolling.


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