Home Beta update 0.8.3 to come next week

Playstation Home - Image 1Looking for an indicator that the oh-so-promising PlayStation Home is inching closer to completion? Here’s one: The latest update to the beta is due out next week and it’ll bring the virtual world to version 0.8.3. The user interface, Home Items, the Marketplace, and more will be put to the test once it hits. Read the full version and get the details down.

PlayStation Home - Image 1We’re seeing more indications that the much-anticipated PlayStation Home service is inching closer to completion. Recent reports suggest that there will be a big update next week to take the test run to version 0.8.3 which will herald a lot of improvements.

Possibly the biggest change will be the upgrade of the user interface. It’s expected that features will be made more accessible, and the virtual world should look a little lovelier.

Also, Home Items will be added for all beta users to test. In this case, it comes in the form of a bubble machine. What exactly you can do with it remains to be seen.

The Marketplace will also be opened to test the clothes and furniture which can be purchased there. This should also give us a hint of how Home’s economy will play out.

We’ll be keeping both eyes open for this one. Hopefully, it’s as good as it sounds. More updates will be posted as they come.

Via PS3 Fanboy

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