Homebrew – KomoPong DS v0.95

KomoPong DS - Image 1choronos shares with us his KomoPong v0.95 for the Nintendo DS. It’s actually a pong-like game, but of course, he’s added in his own touch to it.

Download: KomoPong DS v0.95<

KomoPong DS - Image 1Another Pong-ish game is released as a homebrew, this time coming from choronos for the Nintendo DS system. This release is version 0.95, and development is by no means already finished.

This version gets a speed increase to forever, cos he hasn’t put in the system yet that will limit the increase, but he’s working on it. There are, however, improvements. According to the changelog:

  • improved menu of options, now was able to adjust the volume
  • added two new levels with different challenges
  • added appropriations at the end of demo
  • more music for each level
  • break system, pressing start (although it has no utility)

Again, this brew game is definitely far from being complete, so your comments and suggestions are highly welcomed by choronos.

Download: KomoPong DS v0.95

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