Jazz JackRabbit v0.02 (alpha) – PSP Slim support added

Jazz Jackrabbit v0.02 (alpha): PSP-Slim support added - Image 1Deniska has recently released a new build of the Jazz Jackrabbit game ported to the PSP that will now run on the Slim. That aside, the new build will also carry several updates. You can read about them over in the full article.

Download: Jazz Jackrabbit v0.02 (alpha) for Slims

 Jazz JackRabbit v0.02 (alpha) : PSP-Slim support added - Image 1We’re letting you guys know that Deniska has just completed work on a PSP Slim-compatible version of the homebrew game Jazz JackRabbit PSP v0.02.

Here’s a recap for those who weren’t around during its initial release: this homebrew game is a PSP adaptation of the Jazz JackRabbit title, originally produced by Epic MegaGames (now known as Epic Games) for the PC platform back in 1994.

Jazz JackRabbit for the PSP is based on the OpenJazz port created by Alister Thomson. Aside from the Slim compatibility, Deniska has added these updates for this new release:

  • Updated sound FX library with original Jazz samples.
  • Converted all music to correct s3m format
  • All nine episodes are playable now (you’ll need the full game distribution + X-mass edition)
  • Source code and Makefile for PSPSDK provided

Further details on installation and controls are available in the file bundle’s readme. Those interested in contacting Deniska for further information will want to visit the game’s original release thread via the source link below:

Download: Jazz JackRabbit v0.02 (alpha) for Slims


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