Ken Iamizumi and Ryan Payton talks MGS 4 faves and collector’s edition

MGS 4 - Image 1Producer Ken Iamizumi and Asst. Producer Ryan Payton for Metal Gear Solid 4 shares their favorite parts on the game, as well as a bit of progress report on the special collector’s edition. We got the dibs from their video interview at the Konami Gamers’ Day 08, which you’ll find at our full article.

Ken Iamizumi and Ryan Payton give some of their time to share some of their thoughts on their baby, Metal Gear Solid 4, at the Konami Gamers’ Day 08. This video clip below will show you the Producer and Asst. Producer for Hideo Kojima‘s masterpiece talking about their favorites in the game, as well as the special collector’s edition.

Iamizumi says that the weapon customization is his favorite, cause there’s just so many things you can do with them, and it’s just really fun being able to build them according to your wants. As for Payton, he says that his favorite in the game would have to be the battlefield gameplay since it just gives a completely different experience every time you play it. He also recommends that you play it in pure stealth.

As for the special collector’s edition, Payton revealed that they have actually just finished working on it, and that it will contain an extra blu-ray disc. Okay, so let’s do a roll call. Soundtrack – check. Gameplay disc – check. So what’s the other blu-ray disc for?

According to him, it’ll be containing almost two hours of more content. Whether it’s additional gameplay or not, we can’t be too sure yet at this point. What we are sure of is that we can’t wait for it to come out.

They do also talk about a lot of other things, so we’ll leave you to watch the clip yourselves. The vid goes a little over four and a half minutes, but we can assure you that’s not a waste of time.

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