Killzone 2’s third beta will be “more open”

Killzone 2 in beta - Image 1What do you do when you want to join the beta for Killzone 2 but cannot because as it turns out, it’s not open to the public? Well, wait for the next beta phase and hope it’s gonna be public this time, that’s what. Good news is, it doesn’t look like you’ll have to hope that much.

Killzone 2 beta - Image 1Unfortunately the second beta for Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 2, which is ongoing right now, is not open to the public. And although there have been reports of means to circumvent the system, we think we’d rather just wait for the next beta session.

PS3 Trophys received an email from Yvonne Von Berg of Guerrilla Games as reply to their request of getting a beta key so they may join the beta, and instead was shot down on the grounds that the second beta is a private one. But (and that’s a big one), the GG rep reassures that there will be a third beta phase, and Yvonne promises that it will be “a lot more open”.

No details yet as to this “a lot more open” beta phase, but we’re hoping to acquire a beta key as well when it does happen. We’ll be keeping you posted on more news on this one.

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