Koei: PS3’s Fatal Inertia to be better, game demo under works

Koei: PS3's Fatal Interia to be better - Image 1Good things come to those who wait. And for the PlayStation 3 owners, this means that their copy of Fatal Inertia stands to be a better game then its predecessors on the Xbox 360. This was one of several points noted by a Koei spokesman earlier. You can catch up on the rest of the details in the full article.

Koei: Fatal Intertia on PS3 to be better - Image 1While Fatal Inertia‘s romp to the PlayStation 3 isn’t expected until next year, it appears that Koei is definitely putting all that time to good use.

A spokesman stated that the the studio was hard at work to ensure that the PlayStation 3 port would be of a superior build than its Xbox 360 kin, which launched back in September.

On this note, the spokesman also stated that the game’s dev team is developing a demo that would hopefully outshine its counterpart over in Xbox Live. Yes, you heard that right – they haven’t scrapped the demo. The PS3 port may also possibly include new content, although the spokesman did not provide exact details.

Via Eurogamer

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