Kung Fu Panda Legendary Gameplay video

Kung Fu Panda Legendary Gameplay video - Image 1Owners of the Xbox 360 might have had a taste of Luxoflux‘s Kung Fu Panda with the demo that’s just been released, but we have a treat that everyone might enjoy. We were able to grab the Legendary Gameplay video. Catch the clip after the jump!

Panda lovers and gamers might find this little update of ours on Luxoflux‘s Kung Fu Panda (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC, DS) enjoyable. We were able to grab the a tasty little treat in the form of eye candy, specifically the Legendary Gameplay video.

The video itself shows off the things that the adorable mammal can do. You can get a sneak peek on the hidden talents of the panda. It’s really entertaining to watch the panda tumble, turn, and beat the enemies to a pulp. Aside from the action that goes on in the video, do listen to the conversations. They can make one crack up.

Well, that’s about it. We know you guys are itching to watch the clip. You guys know what to do with the video we have below. Enjoy!

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