libwiisprite 0.1.9 – major bug fixes

Nintendo Wii console - Image 1Homebrew developers Chaosteil and Feesh! recently got around to update the C++-based sprite library for the Nintendo Wii platform, libwiisprite. The latest build, version 0.1.9, was described as the “bug fix release”, which addressed several issues that were noted in previous releases. More details about libwiisprite 0.1.9 can be found in our full article.

Download: libwiisprite 0.1.9

Nintendo Wii console - Image 1Budding homebrew developers who want to make a name for themselves on the Nintendo Wii will be happy to know that a new libwiisprite build is finally available for download. Developers Chaosteil and Feesh! recently announced the new bug fix release  for the C++-based sprite library, stepping up this useful development tool to version 0.1.9.

No new features have been added in this current build, but it does address several bugs that were noted in previous releases. To give you a better idea of what bug fixes were included, here’s a rundown of the latest changelog for libwiisprite v0.1.9:

  • This is mainly a bug fix release, no new features included. You may need to update your sources to correctly use the display now. The examples also got updated.
  • Added a wrong size check to image loading errors. Image width and height have to be a multiple of 4.
  • The whole screen estate is used. Pointer correction is also explained in the spritetest example.
  • LayerManager.SetViewWindow() fixed. Displays correctly now.
  • Fixed TiledLayer displaying (last version crashed GX) and collision detecting with sprites.
  • Now doing more checks throughout the code.

As always, please don’t forget to read the documentation for further instructions on how to install libwiisprite into your console.

Download: libwiisprite 0.1.9

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