Life with PlayStation release moved to August

Sony PlayStation 3 - Image 1The end of July has already come and gone, yet there’s still no sign of Sony‘s new Life with PlayStation service. What gives? SCEA R&D’s Noam Rimon recently gave the lowdown on the service’s current status and the reason behind its delay. More in the full article.

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It’s already August, but there’s still no sign of Life with PlayStation. Apparently, “procedural matters” have gotten in the way of the new service’s end of July target release.

According to Noam Rimon, senior development manager for Sony Computer Entertainment America’s R&D department, Life with PlayStation will make its debut in August. No specific dates this time, just a vague August release date.

For those who missed our earlier reports on Life with PlayStation, this service allows PS3 users to view interactive content and channels using a worldwide 3D map interface. Kind of like the Wii News Channel.

During E3, SCEA head Jack Tretton also revealed that as part of the Life with PlayStation service, users will be able to upload videos to YouTube from within games.

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