Light Cycle Clone v2.1 – added music player, improved AI

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1Light Cycles are making a comeback in the latest release of homebrew developer titch.ryan for the PlayStation Portable. Light Cycle Clone v2 includes several new features which will surely bring back fond memories for those of you who are familiar with this old school video game. You can check out the new changes added since our previous coverage of the homebrew game in our full article.

Download: Light Cycle Clone v2.1
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum

Screenshot of Light Cycle Clone PSP homebrew game - Image 1 

Those of you who don’t mind a bit of old school gaming on your PlayStation Portable should make it a point to download the latest version of developer titch.ryan‘s Light Cycle Clone v2.1.

For those of you not familiar with the whole Light Cycle concept, it was an integral part of the movie Tron (circa 1980). You basically take control of a digital cycle which leaves a colored wall in its wake. The main objective of the game is to try and box in your opponent inside your walls and finish up all his lives. You can think of it as a head-to-head version of Snake.

Anyway, enough with the history lesson. Here’s the latest list of changes for Light Cycle Clone v2 since our previous coverage of the homebrew game:

  • added background
  • music player (plays from psp/music if not empty, use shoulders buttons to change track)
  • improved AI (its actually worth playing against computer)

The developer also invited PSP users to give their suggestions on new features they want to see in the Lua-based game. You can join the discussion and give your two cents regarding the matter by visiting the QJ.NET PSP Development forum, accessible through the link below.

Download: Light Cycle Clone v2.1
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum

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