MadWorld dev on Wii’s need for violent games

Nintendo Wii - Image 1 Do you think the Nintendo Wii is a bit too soft-core for you? One development team begs to differ as they’re creating a new title that would change that perception.

In Platinum GamesMad World, it won’t be all rainbows and butterflies as they promise tasteful violence integrated with the Wii’s innovative controls. Find out more in the full article up next.

Mad World dev on Wii's need for violent games - Image 1While some people may view the popular Nintendo Wii as the family-friendly, low-violence gaming platform of this generation, other people want to change that notion. That holds true with Platinum Games and MadWorld director Shigenori Nishikawa.

The game creator was recently quoted as saying that “we felt that the Wii Marketplace had too many of the same type of games – there was something missing in the line-up.” He then added that a game like MadWorld may be exactly the kind of fresh element that the console needs.

Nishikawa then explained that they don’t intend to just paint the Wii red with blood just to say they’ve added violent elements. He expounded on this by saying gore can be done tastefully given the proper treatment.

“We didn’t want to create a game that was depraved or perverse – rather we wanted to create a game that was fun and exiting that happened to feature gruesome violence,” concludes the director. Let’s wait and see if the censors agree.

Via Videogamer

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