Mama mia, its-a co-op mode in Super Mario Galaxy!

Super Mario Galaxy by Nintendo - Image 1It’s sad that Nintendo didn’t include a full co-op mode in Super Mario Galaxy, but what they packed with the intergalactic adventure is enough for two people to have fun. One player controls the plumber with the Wii Remote, another helps out with the Nunchuck – brilliant idea.

If you haven’t tried out the hottest platformer on the Nintendo Wii and its two player features, check out the full article to find a video showing how it’s done.

How can two people play a video game if there’s only one Italian plumber hero in it? For those who haven’t tried the co-op mode of Nintendo Company Ltd.’s Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii, here’s a video that shows how you and a pal can share the Wii Remote and Nunchuck to travel across galaxies and collect stars together.

Super Mario Galaxy‘s two-player mode doesn’t pit Mario and Luigi together. Instead, Mario remains as the star controlled by the first player, while the other can help out by attacking enemies or freezing them. The two can do a combo that makes Mario do a special jump, too.

See Super Mario Galaxy co-op mode in action by watching the video below.


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