Mass Effect’s story trailer – your extinction is inevitable

Mass Effect from BioWare and Electronic Arts - Image 1If you can't wait for the PC version of Demiurge Studios and EA's Mass Effect, you might want to check out today's video update for the action RPG. We've got a story for you and it shows a whole lot of things, including a threat from one of the baddies: Your extinction is inevitable. Check out the full article for the trailer.

We're sure most of you Xbox 360 gamers have tried out and played through BioWare and Electronic Arts' action role-playing game Mass Effect. Since you PC gamers are still waiting for your dose of sci-fi action, we're giving you a new trailer to help tide you over until May 28.

If you've been living under a rock, Mass Effect centers on Commander Shepard and his/her adventure around the universe. In the video, we see the title's excellent graphics and explains some of parts of the story. We also see some characters were also shown, like bad guy Saren and party member Kaidan.

Anyway, we'll stop right there and leave you to watch the video. The PC version of Demiurge Studios and EA's Mass Effect will be hitting the shelves in a few days so watch out for that.

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