MAsteroids v0.4 now supports Nunchuks, classic controllers

MAsteroids v0.4 now supports Nunchuks, classic controllers - Image 1 As homebrew developer Feesh promised at an early release of MAsteroids, he delivered on version 0.4: Nunchuk support. And we’re not talking about a Wiimote and Nunchuk combo for controlling one player – we mean one player controls his ship on the Wii remote and the other controls his asteroids buster on the Nunchuk. Plus, he’s added Classic Controller support. But he’s not done with just those. Learn more about his plans for expanded controller support at the full story.

Download: MAsteroids v0.4

MAsteroids v0.4 now supports Nunchuks, classic controllers - Image 1 

MAsteroids v0.4 has released just a few days ago, and those who’ve grabbed the previous build of author Feesh‘s multiplayer Asteroids clone for the Nintendo Wii might want to try this update. Version 0.4 now fulfills the Nunchuk and Classic Controller support promised in the earlier release, though it will require plenty of testing to get the controls ironed out perfectly.

And we say this, because developer Feesh claims there are a few hitches with the controls – a few that might crop up from extended hours of play. The coder admits that testing was preliminary, and input from homebrew users would be much appreciated.

Also consider that the control scheme for the extended support is unorthodox: players can control their own ships using an attached Wii remote, and allow households with only two pairs of Wiimotes and Nunchuks to experience full four multiplayer mayhem – homebrew style.

You’ll have to contend with the “arcadey” controls, however, which are mapped out with the bundled ReadMii file.

The menu system is the only major change in-game. It now allows for the holding of a button for cycling through the menu options. Feesh has also added banners to MAsteroids v0.4 along with a new enemy. You’ll also notice that a screen font looks different this time around – the author has tweaked that as well.

In-game music was attempted but with little luck on threading, thus the MP3 music feature is only cosmetically complete. The function is another story. Care for 5 second endless loops? We didn’t think so.

Coming up for the next build of MAsteroids is control support for the Guitar Hero 3 instruments, as well as Nintendo’s recently released Wii Balance Board. Perhaps we can also look forward to a patched up music feature, too. Updates as we get them. For the meantime, enjoy!

Download: MAsteroids v0.4

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