Metal Gear Online beta to start April 25

Metal Gear Online Beta - Image 1Here’s the latest update for the recent difficulties of the Metal Gear Online beta. We do know that the deadline will be extended from May 5 to May 11. Now, Konami Digital is planning to push through with the beta’s start on April 25. At exactly what time? Details of the beta after the jump.

Metal Gear Online Beta - Image 1

Even with news that Metal Gear Online beta’s deadline will be delayed from May 5 to May 11 because of difficulties with the massive flow of global traffic, Konami Digital has been quick to give us a reason to smile. The devs are planning to start the MGO beta this April 25 at 24:00 (PDT).

This is not set in stone however. Konami is leaving room for unforeseen circumstances beyond their control so the April 25 target may still change over the next couple of days. At least we know when to expect the beta’s deadline.

We know we’ve already reminded you but we’re doing it again just in case. The voucher code you received from your pre-orders will only be valid until May 5. Don’t waste it. More updates as QJ.NET retrieves them.

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